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About Law, Inc. solves the biggest hurdle that lawyers face in starting a law firm – they do not know how to run a business., Inc. frees them from the drudgery of the day-to-day management of their firm and allows them to focus on practicing law.

Starting and running a law firm has become very complicated. Long gone are the days of simple newspaper announcements and networking. Now to succeed as a professional, whether in a large city or a small town, a lawyer needs to understand how to handle a staff, build a website, manage an online advertising campaign, and negotiate with vendors from around the world.

By becoming a, Inc. firm, a law firm can experience faster growth and lower expenses with less hassle.

Founders, Inc. is a product of the practical and legal experience of its founders. Rich McIver and Charles Brown, founders of the McIver Brown law firm, have experience running a law firm and training staff to become useful, productive, law firm employees.

Target Market, Inc.’s services will appeal to small to medium sized personal injury, family, or criminal law firms.

Because many lawyers lack the financial means to front a number of these expenses,, Inc. is able to provide multiple payment terms for member firms. Some firms may prefer to pay on an upfront, per task basis. Other firms may prefer to pay for some services as a percentage of revenue. This payment flexibility increases, Inc.’s attraction to new firms, especially firms being started by newer lawyers.


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Website Management

To impress clients and opposing counsel, lawyers must have a high-quality, functional, and attractive website. But most lawyers lack the time and know-how to create these websites., Inc. will be able to handle the building of these websites, the management of the web accounts, the selection and securing of website names, and keep up with the changing technology to be sure that member’s websites are up-to-date.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A great website does not do any good if no one ever sees it. But optimizing websites for search engines requires fresh content and constant vigilance to react to search engine algorithm changes., Inc. assists member firms by managing the content writing process and making sure that all member websites comply with guidance from search engines to maximize success.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Some firms prefer to reach out to potential new clients by purchasing ads on search engines and throughout the internet. Managing an ad words campaign to get the most return for the ad dollars requires focused attention on the campaign., Inc. can manage SEM campaigns to bring in new clients at a reasonable ad spend.

Lead Generation and Management

Any number of sources exist for client leads with new ones starting up every day. By staying ahead of the curve,, Inc. can assist its members in selecting lead sources, negotiating lead costs, tracking campaign success, and recommending additional sources.

Telephone Intake and Screening

Marketing is useless without a strong team to answer clients’ calls, screen the clients, and set appointments for follow-up by the lawyer. While most law firms delegate this task to a secretary or a paralegal, close rates and client satisfaction improve when firms have a dedicated intake specialist. Voice over IP technology now allows phones to ring anywhere in the world. will port member’s phones to handle the important task of answering and screening calls, making this appear seamless to the client.

Medical Records Ordering and Organizing

In many personal injury cases, medical records ordering and organizing is a huge expense and a very time-consuming process., Inc.’s staff of trained medical records paralegals will reduce the time and the expense associated with obtaining medical records.

Expert Recruiting and Screening

For many types of cases, the expert hired to review a case makes the difference between success and failure., Inc.’s staff can provide research, interviews, and prior testimony of experts. This can save lawyers a great deal of time and improve the quality of experts retained.

Information Technology

Most lawyers do not need a full-time IT staff. Instead, they need the basic help to get it up and running and the occasional support when there is a problem., Inc.’s staff of IT professionals will be able to answer questions, make purchasing decisions, and assist in trouble shooting problems.

Lien Reduction

In many personal injury cases, the federal government or an insurance company may have a lien against any settlement., Inc. provides its members with services to speed up the process of lien reduction and improve the outcomes for their clients.

Vendor Negotiations and Selection

Lawyers generally do not have the time to investigate vendors or determine which vendors will be needed., Inc. can provide recommendations on an as-needed research basis.

Bookkeeping and Financial Management, Inc. can also provide bookkeeping and financial management services to assist law firms in making good decisions about case selection, cash flow, and overhead management.


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